About Us

About Us

More Événements was born out of a conversation during a Sunday brunch on a fine spring morning in 2020. Our two successful founders created MORE Événement to inspire and execute unforgettable events for all of their clients.

With MORE Events you will experience our passion through the richness of the moment. Let yourself be delighted by the experience, connect and enrich the moment. Whether on site or virtual, we know you will have a blast!

Myra Kennedy.

Dynamic, dedicated. Myra Kennedy has always had a strong sense of leadership. Her experience in management, coupled with her warm and colorful personality make her the perfect person to organize and lead your next event.

Since completing her bachelor’s degree in communications at UQAM, Myra has worked at Juste pour rire, the Bank of Montreal and BonLook. Curious by nature, these varied experiences have allowed her to cumulate a vast array of knowledge and talents.

Passionate about the entertainment industry, she thrived for a few years in the world of burlesque before turning to competitive dance, which she still practices today. Flexible in life and at work, she always knows what to do in any situation.

Marie Ducasse.

Marie Ducasse completed her studies in the South of France. First a sales consultant during her school years, obtaining her diploma in Sales and Management led her directly to the position she coveted. Ultra ambitious, Marie also founded her own ready-to-wear clothing company before making one of the biggest decisions of her life: moving to Canada in 2016.

Upon arriving in Quebec, she decided to immerse herself in the local culture before taking up a management position again. Quickly integrated, she finds a job similar to the one she had to leave within less than a year. Dedicated and talented in her work, she was then offered the position of Area Manager at Bonlook. There she will meet her colleague Myra Kennedy who will eventually become her business partner.

Indeed, their shared passion for events led them to found More Events, a whole new concept. The idea comes to them during brunch one fine Sunday morning. Having both studied in the field of events and fun (family and corporate), it was a no-brainer that they would join forces and create something beautiful.

These founders complement each other wonderfully: Marie is more pragmatic and analytic in her work while Myra adds her creative touch. You can be sure that their complementarity will lead to innovative ideas and revolutionize the field of events.